Revenge of the Nerds — Or the Travelers! What industry will be the next big winner this summer?

Wrapping the end of the week, Citigroup announced that it is taking steps into the crypto space, starting with a possible entry for their clients to trade, hold custody, and finance. We also saw Ethereum should up about $3,600 thanks to the interest in non-fungible tokens, expansion of DeFi products, and increase adoption of smart contracts in Ethereum. Yet, the recent few days, Tom from our group at Kunai and I were having a conversation about the travel plans during this summer, and I heard for the 1st time the term “Revenge Travel.” Many people worldwide had their vacations altered or canceled in 2020, so they desperately want to satisfy their travel itch. Plus,, a leading cryptocurrency-friendly online travel agency, just announced their results of its survey into the impact of COVID-19 and their travel expectations in the second half of 2021. Their results showed that travelers are about to spend more this year and increasing interest in using cryptocurrencies such as ETH and DOGE to expect that “Revenge Travel” provide a much-needed boost in the hospitality industry, including airlines, hotels, and restaurants. What other industries can we expect to have a similar effect and boost? Who is out for Revenge other than the nerds and travelers?

Gracias Kain Sosa Sr.